Winner of “Ballot Initiative of the Year” and 9 Pollie Awards for Advertising Excellence

Sometimes everything on a campaign comes together perfectly. ?Last year, creating the media campaign for Prop F in San Francisco, was one of those times.

And we?re honored?that the American Association of Political Consultants awarded us a Special?Pollie?Award?of Excellence?for?”Best Ballot Initiative of the Year.” ?Esquire Magazine has called the Pollies ??the Oscars of political advertising.?

As with every winning campaign it was an incredible team effort with Campaign Manager Patrick Hannan, General Consultant Nicole Derse at 50+1, Senior Advisor Chris Lehane, pollster Seiji Carpenter of David Binder Research, Field Director Victoria Zyp, and Sheri Sadler at Sadler Strategic.

One of our TV ads for Prop F,??Night? was also singled out for two separate Gold Pollies as “Best in the Nation.?

In addition to winning the special Pollie Award, Joe Slade White and Company was awarded 9 total Pollie awards for excellence in advertising for our work with Uber and the No on Prop F campaign.

Click below to watch the award-winning ads:

The Streak Continues!

Our streak continues here at Joe Slade White & Company: it’s been 18 years since we lost a ballot initiative.

The latest win was in San Francisco for Prop F or, as it was also known, “the Airbnb initiative.” Slate described the campaign’s efforts in San Francisco as “…terrifyingly good…” while the Wall Street Journal called the campaign’s efforts, “sophisticated.”

We also recently helped Uber win a City Council vote in Chicago with a carefully executed precision campaign of targeted TV, cable, radio, & digital.

We’re very proud to have worked with such a talented teams.

Check out our work for Uber in Chicago by clicking here or find out more about our work to defeat Prop F by clicking here.

Join us in honoring Beau Biden’s life

With deep sadness we send our condolences to our dear friend and colleague Valerie Biden Owens, to Dr. Jill Biden and Vice President Joe Biden, to Hallie and her children Natalie and Hunter, to Hunter and Ashley, and to the entire Biden family.

Beau Biden, was, as his father put it perfectly, ?Quite simply the finest man any of us have?ever known.”



Joe Slade White & Company Wins Pollie Award for the ?Best Public Affairs Campaign in the Nation? that Defeated David Beckham?s Soccer Stadium Proposal in Miami

American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) recognizes Joe Slade White & Company for exceptional work during its annual Pollie Awards Conference in New Orleans.


NEW ORLEANS ? The American Association of Political Consultants at its annual Pollie Awards ceremony singled out Joe Slade White & Company for a special ?Excellence Pollie Award? for the ?Best Public Affairs Campaign in the Nation? ? an upset victory that stopped David Beckham?s proposed soccer stadium at the Port of Miami, Florida.

The Pollie Awards are the industry?s highest honor bestowed on political consultants at the national and international level. Esquire Magazine has called the Pollies, ?The Oscars of political advertising.?

This also marks the first time in the history of the Pollies that a media firm has been awarded the AAPC?s highest ?Excellence Pollie Award? in two successive years. Last year, the AAPC awarded Joe Slade White the ?Excellence Pollie? that named him the ?National Democratic Strategist of the Year?.

In February, Campaigns and Elections Magazine also honored the firm with a national ?Reed Award? for the same upset victory against David Beckham?s soccer stadium proposal.

The Pollie for ?Best National Public Affairs Campaign of the Year? was awarded for the firm?s innovative campaign that won against David Beckham?s proposal to locate a soccer stadium at the Port of Miami. Facing incredible odds, Joe Slade White & Company unleashed cutting edge technologies and targeting, combined with the creativity and strategy the firm is known for, to help win this upset victory.

Find out more about the Miami Seaport Alliance campaign by clicking this link

In addition to the ?Best Public Affairs Campaign in the Nation?, the firm was also singled out for Pollie Awards in the categories of ?Best Use of Voter-File Matched Digital Advertising? for its innovative digital targeting in the Miami campaign; for ?Best Cable-Only Television Advertising? for the Prop 1 initiative in Michigan; for ?Best Use of Humor? for a successful public affairs campaign in Michigan; and for ?Best Use of Radio? also in the Miami stadium campaign.

?I?m grateful to our incredibly talented team who take on the toughest challenges and make all this possible. And to our great clients who had faith in us to take on some of the hardest battles around the country and win,? said Joe Slade White.

The AAPC also recognized the firm?s Senior Vice President, Ben Nuckels, as one of the ?40?Best and Brightest Campaign Professionals Under 40 Years Old.?

The AAPC announced this year?s winners at the 2015 Annual Pollie Awards & Conference on March 19 in New Orleans, LA.?The Pollie Awards are bipartisan honors awarded annually by the AAPC to members of the political advertising and communications industry who have demonstrated superior work on behalf of their candidates and causes. A blind jury of their peers selects AAPC award winners.

Watch all our 2015 Pollie Award winning ads by clicking this link

Joe Slade White Named 2014 National Democratic Strategist of the Year

SAN DIEGO, CA ?? ?Joe Slade White was named the 2014 National Democratic Strategist of the?Year by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) for his work winning the incredible come-from-behind write-in campaign for Mike Duggan for Mayor of Detroit. ?One Detroit reporter called Duggan?s remarkable victory ?extremely rare, like a unicorn.?

Joe Slade White & Company was honored with 10 total Pollie Awards for Advertising Excellence. ?Watch the ads at the links below.

The awards ceremony is held every year to honor the previous year?s best work in political?advertising and communications. The Pollie Awards have often been referred to as the??Oscars of Political Advertising.?

Joe Slade White & Company has been awarded more ?Pollies? for excellence in political?television than any other Democratic media consultant. ?In the last 5 years alone, the firm?has won 40 Pollie Awards. In previous years ?Strategist of the Year? has been awarded to Obama 2012 Strategist Jim Messina, Obama 2008 Strategist David Axelrod, Ed Gillespie, and others.

?I?m very honored by to be chosen by my peers at the American Association of Political Consultants as the National Democratic Strategist of the Year,? said White. ?I?ve always strived to create strategies and produce innovative media that strikes a chord with voters. ?This year, more than ever, we needed to be unique, creative, and strategically sound to cut through the clutter and come out on top to win the toughest races.?

?Often times talented people in our field do things that seem impossible to others, and they do it with extraordinary effort and skills that have been honed over the years,? said AAPC Chairman Dale Emmons when introducing White at the awards ceremony in San Diego. ??Joe Slade White is someone who?s had a distinguished career and lots of incredible wins over the years. He is this year?s Democratic Strategist of the Year.?

Joe Slade White & Company added to their previous awards with winners in?the following categories:

10 POLLIE AWARD WINNERS (Watch the ads by clicking the links)
Special Pollie Award: Campaign Strategist of the Year: ?Joe Slade White
Best in Show, Turnaround Detroit
Best Television/Radio Campaign, Turnaround Detroit
Best use of Negative/Contrast ? Overall, Turnaround Detroit
Best Use of Humor, Turnaround Detroit
Best Use of Negative/Contrast ? TV, Turnaround Detroit
Web Video ? Best Use of Pre-Roll Video, Turnaround Detroit?
Web Video ? Best Technology Innovation, Turnaround Detroit Vine Ads?1?&?2
Internet Advertising (online/social/mobile), Turnaround Detroit
Best Use of Radio -?Independent Expenditure Campaign Mayor, Turnaround Detroit

* Best Multi-Screen Campaign, Turnaround Detroit (Presented by Collective)