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Joe Slade White
“? PRESIDENT [one_half] Joe Slade White?is recognized as one of the most innovative and successful national media strategists in the... Read More
Valerie Biden Owens
“Valerie Biden Owens?has served as Executive Vice President of Joe Slade White and Company for 15 years.?As a political strategist,... Read More
Jill Barcikowski-Horner
“Jill Barcikowski-Horner is?Chief Operations Officer?of Joe Slade White & Company and has worked at the company for 14 years. She... Read More
Robbie Dodson
“Robbie Dodson?has been with Joe Slade White and Company for 20 years, and serves as Senior Vice President. ?At last... Read More
Ben Nuckels
“Ben Nuckels?serves as Senior Vice President at Joe Slade White and Company, and is a veteran of local, state, national,... Read More