We were only 46 points down when we were hired.

Only three years after we have pulled off a miracle by persuading voters to raise their own taxes to build a brand new MLB baseball stadium in Seattle, the owner of the Seattle Seahawks planned to sell the team and move out of Seattle.

Then Paul Allen of Microsoft fame, stepped in to buy the team on the condition that the Seattle Seahawks and the community help finance the new stadium. That required an initiative. That?s when Joe Slade White & Company was brought in to pass the initiative.

The initial poll showed that voters opposed the deal, 69% to 23%, with 7% undecided. We had to start from a hole that was very deep. A victory would require a careful step-by-step process in order to win.

First, we had to start with the basic facts. We had to dispel misconceptions and to lay out the situation in a straight- forward manner to the voters. And finally, we had to connect with voters on an emotional level ? we had to forge a personal relationship and commitment.

The visuals of children playing soccer and football were all about a vision of a community in which children and their futures are valued. It was a strong self-image and struck a chord across age groups and across incomes, and we won.

Today the stadium is known as CenturyLinkField and is home to the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks

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