Use humor to destroy your opponent

Re-districting reduced Montana?s two Congressional districts to one.? Both incumbents battled it out to see who would survive ? one a liberal Democrat, Pat Williams, the other a right-wing Republican, Ron Marlenee ? one from the East and the other from the West ? both well-funded ? winner take all.

Montanans are plain-spoken and straight-forward when it comes to their values.? To show that Ron Marlenee?s waste of taxpayer money was out of control? ? and to associate his franked mail messages with junk mail ? not only made Montanans laugh, it allowed them to reach their own conclusion that Ron Marlenee?s self-portrayal as a warrior against taxes and spending was two-faced and hypocritical.

This spot struck at the heart of Marlenee?s campaign and everytime voters would receive a piece of mail ? from his Congressional office or the campaign ? they would immediately think of our ad.

It undermined Marlenee?s values strength, and turned it into a liability.

Pat Williams won decisively.