Even a Fortune 50 company has a story to tell
to redefine its identity and reshape its future.

We?re proud to have served as AT&T?s National ?Agency of Record? for Branded National Public Policy Advertising for the last sixteen years.

As one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world, AT&T had a unique opportunity to build on its reputation.

When we started, many people viewed AT&T as the company of the ?land-line.? They didn?t realize that AT&T was now a major wireless company and one of the most important players in the Internet.

But to tell the story of the future, we had to tell the story of AT&T?s past. What AT&T needed, was a classic Joe Slade White-style ?bio ad? steeped in values.

All good story telling causes the audience to participate ? and more with their imaginations than with their eyes.

But as with any story ? it isn?t known unless you tell people ? and it won?t work unless you tell it in a way that is uniquely about ?you? ? the audience, the consumers, the opinion leaders, and the decision makers.

The campaign was a great success ? not only with the public ? but also with the company?s own employees ? making them proud to be a part of AT&T?s heritage and future.