There is nothing on TV like our RealVoices? ads

Individual stories, powerfully captured, are far more effective at moving your voters by touching authentic chords within them. Many media consultants will script ?real people? so heavily they look like uncomfortable actors ? not ?real? people at all.

Our method utilizes audio interviews with the subjects in their home or a place they are familiar with, along with candid and powerful black and white still photos. When a voter sees one of our RealVoicesTM spots, they immediately know that it?s a real person whose life will be affected based on the outcome of the election.

This unique style can be used powerfully to promote positive accomplishments or it can be used to define your opponent. In this case, a Constitutional Amendment to legalize embryonic stem cell research in Michigan was placed on the statewide ballot for the general election.

We wanted voters to see, up close and personal, that those who were suffering still had hope ? that these were real people and not just numbers or statistics. It was critical that the ads be totally authentic and documentary-like. In the voice of a young woman, we showed that voters had the potential to make a difference in a real person?s life.

Despite being outspent by millions of dollars, and facing an uphill battle from the very start, Prop 2 won an upset victory by an unexpected six-percent margin ? 53% percent yes, to 47% no. After seeing the Laura ad in a focus group that followed dial testing, one of the respondents actually said, ?Wow, we can help her.? Another person said, ?It could happen to any of us?. We had accomplished our goals ? for the ad, for stem cell research, and for Laura Jackson?s life and dignity.

Watch another ad from the campaign: