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Winner of the 2015 AAPC Pollie Award
for “Best Voter-File Matched Advertising”

We know how to drive?new technologies and launch innovative targeting that transforms new media and traditional media into a unified strategy that is more than the sum of the parts.

Online advertising is most effective when it is closely coordinated with a campaign’s overall?priorities and message goals.?Too many campaigns focus on simply collecting??likes? and adding more ?followers? and they?overlook the most important innovation in?online advertising: delivering persuasive video?content to the right micro-targeted voters, with?the right message, at just the right moment.

We make sure that all of the elements sing together in a unified and sophisticated message strategy that demands attention to persuade and win.

We?ve won Pollie Awards ? the Oscars for?political and public affairs advertising ? for online?innovation and excellence, from ?The Best?Facebook App? to ?The Best New Use of?YouTube? to ?Best Online Video? to “Best Banner Ad Campaigns.”

An integrated approach to voter targeting

When putting together our ad buys, we always take into consideration the?right?place to reach the right voters with the right message. ? Utilizing the best data, research,?and modeling available we’re able to calculate where to deliver the greatest frequency of our message at the lowest cost across multiple mediums: tv, radio, digital, social.

In 2014 ?our approach led to the Collective Award for the “Best Use of Third Screen.”

We have access to?more than 600 million browser cookies and device profiles matched to the national voter file. ?This expansive ad network allows us to target the voters that need to see our video and banner ads the most. ?We’ve used this effectively as a powerful supplement to our television and radio buy to drive repetition with key voters with unique messages.

With the great advancements with voter-file match and geo-fencing technology, we’ve even been able to digitally target influencers, opinion leaders, lawmakers, legislative staff, and all the decision makers involved in public affairs or legislative campaigns.


Campaign Case Study: Write-In Mike Duggan for Mayor

To say that we faced long odds in the 2013 Detroit Mayoral race would be the understatement of the year. For starters, Detroit had never elected a write-in candidate for mayor.

Further complicating matters another write-in candidate was mysteriously placed on the ballot whose name just happened to be Mike Dugeon. That?s a 2-letter difference from our candidate, Mike Duggan. In order for a write-in vote to count, the name had to be spelled correctly.?But, none of those obstacles stopped us.

We were able to overcome incredible odds by telling Mike?s story of turnaround success AND by educating voters how to actually write in his name on the ballot. We used a variety of spot lengths to maximize points and drive repetition of key information on television, radio, and voter-file targeted online advertising.?On Election Day, Mike Duggan won by an amazing 20-points over the odds-on favorite to win. ?Below are some of the banner and video ads we targeted based on voter-file matched cookies – delivering the right message to the right voter.

Pollie Award-Winning Voter File Matched Banner Advertising
for Mike Duggan’s Write-In Campaign for Mayor of Detroit















Digital online video that was voter file matched