There is nothing on TV like our RealVoices? ads.

Individual stories, powerfully captured, are far more effective at moving your voters by touching authentic chords within them. Many media consultants will script ?real people? so heavily they look like uncomfortable actors ? not ?real? people at all.

Our unique method utilizes one-on-one audio interviews with the subjects in their homes, combined with documentary style black and white still photos. When a voter sees and hears one of our RealVoices? spots, they immediately know that it?s a real person whose life will be affected based on the outcome of the election. RealVoices? ads are unique. No one else does them.

Ed McNamara for County Executive, ?Working.? The opening line ?I?d be dead?? captures it all. Once an audience hears that, they?re riveted to hear the rest of the story. The spot cut through clutter and was talked about immediately. Note that the candidate?s name isn?t even mentioned until the last third of the spot.

People talked about the ad and it acquired a life of its own in the community. Tracking polling confirmed that women voters and especially older women voters were moving away from McPhail and to McNamara, and on Election Day, McNamara won in a landslide.