What are the odds of winning a campaign where you?re outspent by $27 million?

Facing unemployment, job losses and a billionaire businessman opponent with money to burn, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm needed a powerful media campaign to undermine her opponent?s claims of creating jobs like the private sector and ?running Michigan like a business.?

We found the one thing our opponent thought was his strength ? creating jobs ? and used it against him? over and over again.

In our ads we reminded voters about Dick DeVos? work to create jobs in China while introducing the fact he incorporated his business in Bermuda to avoid paying taxes. Governor Granholm was outspent by a record $27 million dollars but we still won because we ?broke the code? of the election with our memorable ads and by not neglecting our most potent attack against DeVos.

Due to a quirk in the finance laws, all of our ads for the Granholm Campaign were essentially independent expenditures on behalf of the Michigan Democratic Party and had to follow all the i.e. rules.