“Joe Slade White is a preeminent story teller. He makes voters want to listen – the essential ingredient for a candidate?s message to be heard.?
– Joe Biden

We have produced the media for all of Vice President Joe Biden?s elections for 18 years, including three successful Senate re-election campaigns. Joe Slade White is known for his unique story-telling ?bio? ads.

Joe Biden had a remarkable story to tell. Senator Biden was seeking a record 7th re-election as U.S. Senator for Delaware. Simultaneously, he had been chosen by then-Senator Obama to be his running mate for Vice President. It was a potentially confusing situation, since Delaware voters would be ?voting twice? for Joe Biden on the same ballot ? to make things tougher, all the attention of the voting public was focused on the Presidential campaign.

To win re-election for Joe Biden?s Senate seat, we focused on his unique strength in understanding what Delaware?s working, middle class families were going through, and worrying about. In cementing his reputation as ?one of their own,? we used personal storytelling to detail Senator Biden?s pledge early in his career to commute home to Delaware each night to tuck his young sons into bed.