Our opponent spent $251 for each cable spot.
We paid $29 per cable spot to reach the exact same voters.?Paying attention to details wins close races.


In a competitive election?targeting is key.

Two weeks before Election Day we were hired by EMILY’s List to help Kyrsten Sinema win the competitive primary?for?Congress in Arizona?s open seat.

Polling showed the?race was in a statistical tie. Sinema was running against?a well-funded opponent in a very expensive media market (Phoenix).

To win, we needed our message to focus on Sinema’s experience and progressive values…that she “knows what counts and gets things done.”

But message alone wouldn’t win the race. We needed a way to efficiently deliver her message. ?We used our?Targetcasting? methodology to reach the voters most critical to winning the primary?election ? for just a fraction of the price.

While our opponents were buying cable in a traditional, old-style approach?we ran up the tally on the voters that really counted.

One of Sinema?s opponents was spending $251 per spot, while we were able to effectively Targetcast? the same?primary voters for only $29 a spot.

Sinema won the primary narrowly and went on to win the General Election becoming the first openly bi-sexual?member of Congress.