?We are literally tied.? – Hassan?s pollster, 8 days before the election.

Having won a very tough (and late) primary for New Hapshire Governor, Maggie Hassan began the 2012 General Election as one of the most competitive governor?s races in the country.

Republican Super Pacs were blitzing the airwaves against us.

In the final days of the campaign, our goal was to simplify things and look voters right in the eye and ask for their vote.

The spot seems very simple, but it was multi-layered with third party validators and facts that reinforce the themes and reassure voters on key character traits and policy positions.

The race was regarded as one of the most competitive gubernatorial campaigns in the country. Both the Rothenberg and Cook Political Reports called the race a ?toss up? and POLITICO labeled it as the ?top gubernatorial race to watch.?

In the end, Maggie Hassan won by a commanding 12 percent becoming the only Democratic female governor in the United States.