?Never thought I?d see that happen. Extremely rare. Like a unicorn?

? Detroit TV reporter Mara McDonald on Mike Duggan?s impossible write-in campaign victory.


Mike Duggan faced overwhelming odds in his write-in campaign for mayor.

For starters, Detroit had never elected a write-in candidate for mayor.

Further complicating matters, another write-in candidate somehow mysteriously appeared at the last minute, whose name just happened to be Mike Dugeon. That?s a 2-letter difference from our candidate, Mike Duggan. Duggan?s opponents would stoop to anything to keep him from making the run-off.

In order for a write-in vote to count, the name had to be spelled correctly, on the correct line on the ballot, and the circle next to the name had to be filled in. This was not going to be simple or easy.

But, none of those obstacles stopped us.

We were able to overcome incredible odds by telling Mike?s story of turnaround success while at the same time educating voters exactly how to write in his name on the ballot, and make their vote count.

Facing incredible odds themselves, the voters of Detroit identified with Mike Duggan?s spirit and story. They rose to the challenge to write in his name on their ballots, and elected him their new Mayor of Detroit.

On Election Day, Mike Duggan won by an amazing 20-points over the candidate who was the odds-on favorite to win (and whose name DID appear on the ballot).

In his concession speech on Election Night, Napoleon commented on this ?ad in saying,??I still want to know where those 20 police officers were that were guarding my car.? ?

?Read the full case study on the write-in campaign written by Joe Slade White & Ben Nuckels


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