?On TV?s filled with mediocrity, a beautiful and personal ad cuts through the clutter.

Thirty seconds is plenty of time to do a lot, but only if you don?t try to do too much.

Congresswoman Niki Tsongas was running for re-election in a new district,?defined by the recent reapportionment process. Voters in the new district thought the country was headed in the wrong direction by 27-points in our initial poll.

This spot was designed to introduce the Congresswoman to her new voters, and to reconnect her with the voters she previously represented, on a personal and one-on-one basis.? Nikki?s message had to be steeped in values that would connect across party lines and ideologies. ?And, given the clutter on television, we needed to keep the message and the visual very straight-forward and simple.

Cable targeting allowed us, in the very expensive and cluttered Boston television market, to reach Tsongas?s voters without wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on voters she didn?t represent and who couldn?t even vote for her. Then in a further refinement, we took the polling results that identified demographics of the persuadable voters and refined the cable buys in each system by targeting specific cable networks and programs that fit the viewing habits of those persuadable voters? demographics.

On Election Day, Tsongas won in a 63% landslide.