?9.4% Chance of Winning?
– Nate Silver on Gov. Pat Quinn

We were hired by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to serve as his General Election media consultants. Our millionaire opponent, Senator Bill Brady, was a relative unknown, and we needed to fill the vacuum in voters? minds.

We believe offices are won and lost on character and values. Who do you trust? We set the narrative of the campaign and told the story on Bill Brady in a way that tied specific votes back to his character and personal values. In this spot, we used the issue of assault weapons to win back the Democratic base and to lay the foundation that Bill Brady was not to be trusted.

Illinois voters liked Senator Brady?s business background, and his simple message of lower taxes. We turned both of these perceived strengths to weaknesses? and we never let up. RealClearPolitics.com declared the Quinn victory the #5 upset in the country.

Dig deeper into Quinn’s incredible come-from-behind victory in Joe Slade White and Ben Nuckels’ case study published in Campaigns & Elections Magazine.

Nate Silver 538 Prediction of Quinn Loss