To be effective,?radio ads can not simply be an audio version of your television ads. That totally misses the mark.?Radio is consumed in an entirely different way than television.

That may seem?obvious, but to many media consultants it?s not. Radio?can be an essential ? yet often overlooked ? secret weapon in campaigns whether its for candidates, public affairs campaigns, or statewide ballot initiatives. In an increasing segmented and targeted world, sometimes radio can be the right medium to reach a targeted voter with the right message. And the Responsive Chord unlocks the potential of sound to move voters in a unique, powerful way.

Carefully crafted sound on the radio can capture the imagination in a way that?s unlike any other medium.

?There are only three people in the United States
who truly understand radio. Joe Slade White?s one of them.?

– Tony Schwartz, author of?The Responsive Chord


Example Radio Ads

Write-In Mike Duggan for Mayor, “Chief”


Chet Edwards for Congress, “Chihuahua”


Miami Seaport Alliance Campaign Against David Beckham’s Proposed Soccer Stadium at PortMiami, “Walking”


Uber campaign for Chicago airport access, “Invisible”


Ben Nighthorse Campbell for U.S. Senate, “Kitchen Table Response Ad”


No on Term Limits in Washington State, “Clout”


No on San Francisco?Prop W, “Children”