Watchdog? Not so much.

Sometimes, the best way to destroy an opponent?s momentum is to turn their strongest message into a huge mistake.

In a Massachusetts State Treasurer?s campaign, we did just that.? Overnight.? And the timing was everything.

We knew that voters believed the most important role of the Treasurer was to serve as the state?s ?fiscal watchdog.?

Our opponent, Karyn Polito, was literally touting herself as a ?watch dog? in a new television ad and on her website.? She was gaining momentum and, if un-checked, would surely beat us.

There was just this one slight problem?

The Boston Globe revealed that Polito had obtained coveted Red Sox license plates for herself and friends that were supposed to be for charity.? We ?broke the code? when we used the research on the office and the Globe story to turn Polito?s claims of being a watchdog against her.

We turned our ad around in a single day.? And turned her winning message into a losing message.

The humor in our ad worked to disarm voters, and in a very quiet and powerful way, made Polito appear foolish and unfit for the job of state treasurer.? Voters would see the Polito ad and think of our spot and laugh.? Grossman won decisively.