Wind power? Who cares.

Everyone liked wind power. ?What was not to like? ?But nobody thought of it as a compelling issue, let alone a national issue until we hit the airwaves with a revolutionary ad campaign for T. Boone Pickens that galvanized public emotions.

Within weeks, the Pickens Plan had gone viral ? everyone was talking about it ? and both Presidential campaigns were forced to address it.

We did something no one else had ever done:? we connected the dots between America?s dependency on foreign oil and the potential for renewable energy to turn around the economy.

The results?

T. Boone Pickens was soon being quoted by both Presidential candidates, and met with each one to discuss America?s future and the Pickens Plan. Following the election, President Obama signed many of the Pickens Plan provisions into law in his first 100 days. Watch the video below as President Barack Obama quotes a line from our ad: