How do you beat powerful cable companies in 11 out of 11 states?

Many states across the country were looking to open cable TV to competition and give consumers the benefits of choice and more options.

The coalition group we were working for ? TV4US ? knew they would have to win tough battles in state legislatures across the country in order to open up the franchise process to cable competition. But the cable companies didn?t want that, and who could blame them? Not having to compete for business was working just fine for them.

These state-by-state fights promised to be a major battle.

We framed the argument for our TV campaign for TV4US on our terms: competition, control, cable choice, and cost savings.

We won 11 of 11 states.

We moved over 250,000 voters to action ? writing letters & sending emails to their legislators.

The choice for legislators and voters?

Raise monthly cable bills or not raise monthly cable bills.

Using creative ads, with that message frame, we were able to help pass bills in 11 of 11 states.