Creativity can turn an abstract issue into a powerful voter response.

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker began his term with a bang.

He gained national attention for his radical agenda that ranged from limiting lawsuits to killing high-speed rail to stripping unions of their right to collective bargaining.

Governor Walker and Republican leaders staked their agenda on re-writing the state?s mining laws and proposed rolling back Wisconsin?s environmental and clean water standards. Walker and the Republican controlled Assembly and Senate seemed unstoppable.

But the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters set out to stop them. WLCV needed a powerful ad that would cut through the clutter and define the debate in a way that resonated with everyday voters. And, they needed to deliver it to just the right people.

Despite being outspent by more 3-to-1 by the Club for Growth, we controlled the narrative. We framed the debate on our terms despite WLCV?s extremely limited resources. In the end, we defeated Gov. Walker?s centerpiece legislation that everyone thought was a foregone conclusion.