Super PACs lying about your candidate? Here?s how to get their ads booted off the air.

Read the latest Campaigns & Elections Magazine piece from Joe Slade White and Ben Nuckels on 3 ways you can get opposing Super PAC ads booted from the airwaves.

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Super PACs aren?t going away anytime soon, and neither are the sizable advertising budgets many of them wield. But if you?re under attack, there?s good news: You can mess with them.

When it comes to Super PAC advertising, there?s one important thing to remember: Independent expenditure ads are governed by a different set of rules than candidate campaign ads.

Candidate campaigns can just about say anything they want about their opponent, provided the candidate?s image?and in federal races, the candidate?s voice?appear in the spot. Super PACs, however, must be able to prove, or at least substantiate, the claims they make in their ads.

If an independent expenditure ad doesn?t meet that requirement (among others), you can get it pulled from the airwaves. It?s something our firm has done successfully at least twice this past campaign cycle.

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Why were response ads even more important to master in 2012?

Find out why in Campaigns and Elections Magazine from Joe Slade White & Ben Nuckels.

One of the most repeated ?truths? in politics is that a winning campaign is a?campaign that responds quickly to attacks. But electronic delivery now allows?campaigns to respond faster than ever before with poorly thought-out?responses that will actually lose a campaign.

Given the new reality of Super PACs and outside negative advertising,?response media has become an even more critical skill when it comes to?winning elections. Responding decisively and well isn?t easy, but it can be the?difference between winning and losing. Thanks to the deluge of negative?advertising this year, we found the art of the response became even more?critical. ?Continue reading Joe and Ben?s article at Campaigns & Elections Magazine.